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Walrus Network would not be possible without the passion and dedication of many others before me. I would like to thank, in particular, the captive animal databases Ceta Base, Cetacean Cousins,, Ullij's Eisbaeren, Dewar Wildlife's Gorillas Galore, and Typus Data. The first two of these sites introduced me to a concept that I immediately fell in love with; learning about captive animals as individuals, each with their own histories and personalities, rather than as a species in an exhibit. I have been especially proud to have briefly served as a staff member of Typus Data, where my contributions were small but the inspiration I gained to further develop and improve my own site was immense. Each of these sites inspired me and helped me form my own particular take on an animal database; Walrus Network simply would not exist as a resource if not for their vision and years of dedication to record-keeping. 

I was privileged to have worked with Michael Giskin for a time while creating Walrus Network's website -- Michael set the foundation of our knowledge base of Chinese facilities, and his guidance through much of the site's construction was invaluable. Michael is a Top Investigator for, as well as owner of China Orca News -- I hope that you will support his outstanding work!

The incredible Lisa Oland could not be thanked enough for her diligent work on the AZA walrus studbooks; the information contained within those documents is precious and invaluable, and her efforts in compiling it have been something I could only ever dream to replicate.

Holley Muraco has greatly stoked my passion for and understanding of captive walruses through her work, research, and publications. The film "Two Tonne Tusker" in which she featured was a critical part of developing my interest in walruses, and instilled in me the importance of educating myself on the wild population of walruses in order to better understand those captive -- a crucial part of my goal to be as complete a resource as possible.

Walrus Sivuqaq was the first to capture my heart as a child with his role in the 2004 film '50 First Dates'; in 2014 Joan and Brutus taught me that I was capable of photo-identifying individual captive walruses, the most significant milestone in the eventual creation of Walrus Network; in 2015 I was incredibly privileged to have been able to view Garfield in person and interact with Kaboodle at SeaWorld Orlando; in 2016 Walrus Network was formally launched with the news of Kuu's first pregnancy. 

Though there are many, many more walruses, individuals, and organizations who have helped shape my passion for walruses and for this site over the years, those listed here have been integral for establishing the foundation on which Walrus Network was built. Without them, this project which is so dear to my heart would not exist.

I couldn't end this segment without thanking the many people who have offered me information, suggestions, and words of encouragement throughout the years. I am incredibly grateful to all of you, and I look forward to continuing to build this resource well into the future with your help!