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Thank you for visiting Walrus Network, a collaborative record-keeping initiative for captive walruses that began in 2014. I am deeply grateful to the parks and people who have helped me maintain these records as completely and accurately as possible. Please contact me to report any missing or inaccurate information, or feel free to send any questions or comments you may have about captive walruses or this site. 

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Annual Overview

There are approximately 134 walruses currently living across 53 facilities and 13 countries in 2023. More information and statistics on the captive walrus population will soon be provided on a separate section of this site.


At least 1 walrus has been collected from the wild in 2023:


At least 3 walruses have passed away at 3 facilities in 2023:

Lost to follow-up

A total of 2 walruses have been transitioned to unknown status in 2023:


At least 3 walruses are currently pregnant or have given birth in 2023:


At least 17 walruses have been transferred 21 times in 2023.

Walrus Network, 2014 - 2023