SeaWorld Orlando

Current Inventory

Garfield (transfer 1982)

Slowpoke (transfer 1990-Nov-12)

Kaboodle (transfer 2011-Nov-12)

Kora (birth 2019-Jul-03)

Ginger (transfer ≥ 2022)

Aku (transfer ≥ 2022)

Chouchou (transfer ≤ 2024)

Past Inventory

Aurora (death 2024-Apr-12)

Bruiser (death 2017-Nov-29)

Dozer (transfer 2011-Nov-13)

Corky (transfer 2001-Oct-24)

Joan (transfer 2001-Oct-24)

Basilla (transfer 2001-Oct-24)

Obie (transfer 1997)

Gwen (death 1994-Apr-22)

unknown (death 1994-Apr-08)

Andrea (transfer 1992-Apr-02)

Notes and Information

In 2013 SeaWorld Orlando applied for a permit to import walrus cow Raisa from Dolfinarium Harderwijk; the permit was approved, although Raisa was never transferred to the facility, and instead was moved to Tierpark Hagenbeck two years later.