Interactions with captive walruses that have resulted in injuries to humans, or have otherwise created potentially dangerous situations.


There have been several known instances of walruses housed under human care injuring keepers, as well as park guests -- most documented events have involved mature bulls in rut, although both genders have been involved in conflicts. Several of these cases have been attributed to playful or hormonal behaviors, in which the situation becomes dangerous due to the animal's sheer size, rather than aggression.

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2010 - 2019

2018-Jun-13 · Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park · Anan

An undated video published in 2018 shows bull Anan grabbing and holding a park guest through an exhibit fence. Multiple other videos, uploaded in 2018-2019, show the same behavior. As of 2020, the park has since altered the exhibit fencing so that the walruses are no longer able to reach through.

2017-May-30 · Royal Ocean Park · Adam

An undated video published in 2017 shows a walrus pushing a park employee into the water during a scheduled public performance. The man is quickly released, and within 15 seconds is pulled out of the water by fellow staff.

2016-May-11 · Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park · Anan

44-year-old park guest Jia Lijun had been visiting the Wildlife Park while traveling to a construction project, and was inside the walrus exhibit -- this was an intentionally designed feature by the facility, in which guests could freely walk into the animal's space and interact with them under staff supervision. Jia had sent a close friend video clips of the walrus (bull Anan, nicknamed 'Daya', meaning "big teeth") from within the exhibit at around 3pm, and according to witnesses, Jia was pushed into the water by the walrus while posing for a picture or video with him. Anan held the guest underwater as an animal care staff member attempted to rescue him by extending a bamboo pole for Jia to grasp; however, the pole broke, leading the employee -- who had raised Anan from the time he first entered the facility as a young calf -- to enter the water. The walrus then released Jia and grabbed the employee, holding him underwater; by the time the two men were recovered from the exhibit, both had drowned.

source removed · Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise · Seita

A since-deleted YouTube video uploaded by a park guest showed bull walrus Seita engaging in conflict with a trainer during a routine scheduled public training session.

1980 - 1989

1989-Feb-28 · SeaWorld San Diego · Illiyak

2,500-lb bull Illiyak pulled animal care specialist Lisa Gouse into the water of his exhibit, shared with two female walruses, as she was taking routine water quality samples. Illiyak "held her against his chest with two flippers and pulled her back into the water several times", "toying with her for several minutes" before other staff members were able to lift Gouse over the 6-ft exhibit wall with a "long-handled hook". An ambulance drove Gouse to the hospital, where she was "very shaken up and had bumps and cuts on her shins".

mid-1980s · SeaWorld [likely Aurora] · Slowpoke

1,200-lb female walrus Slowpoke pinned animal care member Greg Dye to the bottom of the pool for over a minute during a play session before staff were able to recall her. Dye had only been employed at the park for a few weeks prior to the incident, and had been advised to not allow Slowpoke to "get you in a corner".