SeaWorld San Diego

Current Inventory

Dozer (transfer 2018-Sep)

Basilla (transfer 2019-Oct)

Past Inventory

Kulusiq (death 2024-Apr-21)

Chouchou (transfer ≤ 2024)

Mitik (death 2023-Oct-01)

Uquq (transfer 2020-Dec)

Seahook (death 2016-Mar-20)

Obie (death 2015-Jun-10)

Kaboodle (transfer 2011-Nov-12)

Kitkatska (death 2010-Nov-30)

Siku (transfer 2010-May-11)

Tessa (death 2007-Dec-17)

Bocce (death 2007-Jun-30)

unknown (death 2005-Apr-19)

Florence (death 2003-Jun-23)

Tumuk (death 2003-Apr-26)

♀ unknown (death 2003-Apr-15)

Patouk (transfer ≤ 2001)

Takena (transfer ≤ 2000)

♂ unknown (death 2000-Apr-19) 

Brutus (transfer 1999-Jan-15)

unknown (death 1998-May-17)

♂ unknown (death 1996-Jun-01)

Hoagie (unknown ≥ 1989)

Woofy II (unknown ≥ 1987)

Blue (death ≥ 1987)

Andrea (transfer ≥ 1987)

Aituk (transfer 1987-Jul-07)

Priscilla II (unknown ≥ 1987-Jun-15)

Rosie (transfer 1987-Feb-19)

Igor (transfer 1985-Feb-28)

Olga II (transfer 1985-Feb-28)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1982)

Illiyak (transfer ≤ 1979)

Virigu (transfer ≤ 1979)

Bruiser (transfer 1979)

Oozeva (transfer ≤ 1979)

Wally (unknown ≥ 1975)

Wanda (unknown ≥ 1975)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

unknown (death ≤ 1974)

Wendy (unknown ≥ 1972)

Willie (unknown ≥ 1972)

Notes and Information

An "elaborate new walrus exhibit" was opened at SeaWorld in 1971, and remodeled around 1975. The 110,000 gallon attraction featured above- and under-water viewing opportunities in two separate exhibits, "specially designed simulated iceberg backdrop and sunning areas for the animals [depicting] the natural arctic environment of the walrus", and an enclosure for young walruses.

The park's current exhibit, within the 82,000 square foot Wild Arctic complex, opened to the public in May of 1997. 

In October of 1975 one young pup, Oozeva, was being raised at SeaWorld San Diego, with another three other walruses on exhibit (presumably Flo, Wally, and Wanda). 

Since the inception of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, SeaWorld has received permits to capture and import walruses in 1973 (permit issued for twelve walrus), 1974 (permit issued for eight walrus to replace the twelve captured the previous year which all failed to thrive, and to research walrus husbandry), 1978 (permit issued for eight walrus, valid until 1980), 1979 (permit issued for eight walrus, valid until 1981), and 1981 (an extension of the 1979 permit, from which only one walrus was collected; the extension permitted the capture of the remaining seven pups, valid until 1984). To the best of my knowledge, all further permits issued since these dates have been for rescued and captive-born walruses. 

SeaWorld was permitted to capture a minimum total of 36 walrus from 1973 to 1984; they additionally imported two groups of five total walruses stranded in Alaska in 1982, although I am not certain whether or not these individuals counted towards SeaWorld's 1981-1984 allotted capture quota of seven. If they were, the quota would have been exceeded by a minimum of one. At this time I only have records regarding 28 walruses captured by SeaWorld from 1973 to 1983 (this total includes stranded individuals, who may or may not have been counted towards the issued permits); although it is very likely that several animals were simply never publicized, it is also possible that SeaWorld may not have fulfilled the entire quotas allotted to them from certain permits.

A news article published in 1997 stated that SeaWorld received 14 orphaned walruses from Alaska in the 1980s; as with the other instances, I am uncertain as to whether or not these 14 individuals counted towards SeaWorld's permitted capture quota. At this time I am only aware of 11 walruses having been collected in the 80s and transferred directly to SeaWorld parks.