male Pacific walrus (O. r. divergens)

wild caught on July 15th, 1987

deceased on May 22nd, 2010

Ancestors and Descendants

No known related animals.

Transfer History

  1. capture 1987-Jul-15 in wild

  2. transfer 1987-Jul-15 to SeaWorld San Diego

  3. transfer 1999-Jan-15 to SeaWorld Aurora

  4. transfer 2003-Oct-29 to Indianapolis Zoo

  5. death 2010-May-22 at Indianapolis Zoo

Physical Data

The dates listed here generally represent the time at which the measurements were published, not necessarily the date on which they were taken.


  • 1988-Apr-03: 250 lb

Image Gallery

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  • #39 (Association of Zoos and Aquariums)

Notes and Information

I have found conflicting information regarding Brutus' capture date and transfer to Indianapolis; contrary to the information listed on his page here, one source states that he was captured in May of 1987 and arrived at Indianapolis on October 30th, 2003.

Brutus was being housed at SeaWorld Aurora when it was sold to Six Flags; he was brought under ownership of the company as well, and remained at the facility during its transition into Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Brutus was sent to the Indianapolis Zoo on breeding loan in 2003, to mate with their 8 year old females, Sitka and Aurora; when Worlds of Adventure was once again sold to another company in 2004, Indianapolis became Brutus's permanent home, with Six Flags retaining ownership of him.

As Indianapolis's young bull, Nereus, was getting closer to maturity, it had been decided to transfer Brutus to the Pittsburgh Zoo to stock their recently built walrus exhibit; unfortunately, Brutus passed away weeks before he was to be moved.


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