Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Brutus (transfer 2003-Oct-29)

George (death 2001-Nov-10)

Obie (transfer 1993-Jun-16)

Slowpoke (transfer 1990-Nov-12)

Bruiser (transfer 1987-Jul-07)

Rosemary (unknown ≥ 1983)

Odie (unknown ≥ 1983)

Benny (unknown ≥ 1983)

Oozeva (unknown ≥ 1979)

Illiyak (unknown ≥ 1979)

Virigu (unknown ≥ 1979)


From its opening in spring 1970 until its purchase by Six Flags in January 2001, this facility was called SeaWorld Aurora. Following purchase the park was merged with Six Flag's existing location, Six Flags Ohio, to become Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

George and Brutus both lived at SeaWorld Aurora, and remained on-site as the facility changed ownership to become Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. They participated in shows, alternating performances until George's death in 2001.