male Pacific walrus (O. r. divergens)

wild caught July 9th, 1987

deceased on June 10th, 2015

Ancestors and Descendants


Kaboodle (birth 2003-May-01)

unknown (death 2005-Apr-19)

Transfer History

  1. capture 1987-Jul-09 in Kotzebue, Alaska

  2. transfer 1987-Jul-09 to US Fish & Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska

  3. transfer 1987-Jul-10 to Point Defiance Zoo

  4. transfer 1987-Oct-29 to SeaWorld Orlando

  5. transfer 1990-Nov-19 to SeaWorld Aurora

  6. transfer 1993-Jun-16 to SeaWorld Orlando

  7. transfer 1997 to SeaWorld San Diego

  8. death 2015-Jun-10 to SeaWorld San Diego

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  • #38 (Association of Zoos and Aquariums)


Notes and Information

The following was stated in a SeaWorld document regarding Obie: "SWF-Ord-8701 was approximately 28 years old at the time of death and cause, based on post mortem examination and testing, was age related vascular disease." His cause of death was listed as "arteriosclerosis resulting in acute cerebral hemorrhage".

Obie (called "Odie" in one initial source) was meant to be housed at SeaWorld Orlando temporarily, until the exhibit at Point Defiance could be expanded; to the best of my knowledge, Obie never returned to Washington, instead transitioning between SeaWorld's Florida, Ohio, and California parks before ultimately passing away at San Diego in 2015.


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