Point Defiance Zoo

Current Inventory

Lakina (transfer 2022-Nov-16)

Balzak (transfer 2022-Nov-16)

Past Inventory

Mitik (transfer 2020-Dec)

Pakak (transfer 2020-Dec-11)

Basilla (transfer 2019-Oct)

Kulusiq (transfer 2019-Oct)

Joan (death 2019-May-30)

Dozer (transfer 2018-Sep)

ET (death 2015-Jul-16)

unknown (death 1998-Jun-29)

Nuvuk (death 1997-Dec-24)

Andrea (death 1996-Nov-08)

Gwen (transfer 1992-Apr-02)

Jake (death 1989-Aug-30)

Elwood (death 1989-Aug-30)

Rosie (death 1988-Mar-15)

Obie (transfer 1987-Oct-29)

Woofy III (death 1986-Jul-27)

Notes and Information

Under current recommendations by the Walrus Conservation Consortium, Point Defiance will not be a breeding facility, but will instead house juveniles and other nonbreeding individuals when they become available for placement.


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