Royal Ocean Park


Current Inventory

Adam (transfer 2005)

Past Inventory

Wuma (transfer 2022)

Gelusha (transfer ≥ 2021)

Doris (unknown ≥ 2018)

♀ Dudu (unknown ≥ 2013)

﹖Kaka (unknown ≥ 2009)


Royal Ocean Park was the first facility in China to produce a captive-born walrus.

In 2017 an aggressive incident took place at this facility's Ocean World dolphin stadium, in which a walrus pushed a trainer into the water from the stage during a scheduled performance. The trainer was able to exit within seconds of being pushed in and walked away while the walrus remained in the water.

In 2013 a performing walrus named Dudu was mentioned at Royal Ocean Park. There is a strong possibility that Wuma and Dudu are the same individual; if not, I am uncertain of whether or not Dudu is still housed at the park.

In 2009, a walrus named Kaka was mentioned by the park. It seems highly likely that this was a stage / character name used by the park's performing walruses during shows, although I cannot be certain.