Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Current Inventory

Olga (transfer 1985-Feb-28)

Nikolai (birth 1995-Jun-17)

Rossita (transfer 2002)

Olivia (transfer 2015-May-06)

Past Inventory

Raisa (transfer 2015-Jul-07)

Natasja (death 2014-May-28)

Igor (death 2013-Apr-11)

stillborn (death 2011-Mar-29)

Pavla (death 2009-May-09)

Boika (death 2005-Jan-10)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1993-Aug)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1993-Aug)

Katinka (death 1977-May-05)


Natasja, Katinka, Pjotr (Pjotter), and Iwan (deceased after 1984, by 1986) were imported in 1974 as part of a 2.2 group from the Moscow Zoo.

There is a record for the import of six walruses from Russia to the Netherlands in 1996 on the CITES Trade Database. It is unknown to me whether or not these animals were intended for the Dolfinarium or another park, nor am I sure if the import ever took place at all.