Utrish Marine Station

Утришская морская станция

Current Inventory

Lyusya (transfer 2020-Nov-21)

Zaya (transfer 2021-Jul-17)

Past Inventory

Lyalechka (transfer ≤ 2023-Jul)

Khoma (death 2023-Jun-15)

Svyatogor (transfer 2021-Jun-13)

Yefrosinya (transfer 2021-Jun-13)

Yakut (death 2020-Dec)

Antonina (transfer ≥ 2008-Jun)

Bulka II (transfer ≥ 2008-Jun)

Pufik (transfer ≥ 2008-Jun)

Maya (transfer ≤ 2008-Apr-14)

Alina (transfer 2008)


Founded in 1978, the Utrish Marine Station describes itself as "an interlaboratory hospital for studying marine mammals and fish". It is located at coordinates 44.705351°,  37.470678°. 

It is operated by the Institute of Ecology and Evolution named after A. N. Severtsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Институт проблем экологии и эволюции имени А. Н. Северцова Российской академии наук), or ИПЭЭ РАН.

An article published in June of 2022 stated that the Utrish Marine Station housed two walruses. Although the implication was that these were the total walruses housed at the facility, it may have specifically referenced the Saint Petersburg Dolphinarium's two surviving animals, Lyusya and Lyalechka -- leaving open the possibility that pair Khoma and Zaya from Circus Belissimo are still housed there as well. If this is not the case, I have no certain information at this time regarding which two walruses are still housed at Utrish.