Gelendzhik Dolphinarium

Геленджикский дельфинарий

Current Inventory

Lyalechka (transfer ≤ 2023-Jul)

Past Inventory

Antonina (unknown ≥ 2020)

Pufik (transfer ≤ 2013)

Bulka (unknown ≥ 2008)


The Gelendzhik Dolphinarium was opened in 1992 as a branch of "Utrish Dolphinarium". They became independent of Utrish on December 14th, 2004.

Information on Gelendzhik's walruses is fairly inconsistent. On January 27th, 2007, Gelendzhik purchased four walruses collected in 2006 from the Utrish Marine Station. Despite Gelendzhik once attempting to claim that the pups were born at their facility, two or three (sources vary) animals actually arrived in 2008 (sources have stated both June and July) as two-year-old pups. It was commonly announced that the park housed three walruses named Puf, Tosha, and Bulka -- however, I have thus far only found evidence of Puf ("Pufik") and Tosha (diminutive form of "Antonina") existing. Further complicating the situation is the fact that Antonina also performs under the name Bulochka, of which Bulka is diminutive of.

I have no information on the 1-2 unknown animals of the four that were originally purchased.