Chimelong Ocean Kingdom


Current Inventory

See notes.

Past Inventory

? Bobo (unknown ≥ 2018-Mar-18)

♂ Mickey (unknown ≥ 2015)

♀ Vera (unknown ≥ 2015)

Bobby (unknown ≥ 2015)

Sanya  (unknown ≥ 2015)

Yaya (unknown ≥ 2015)


 A minimum of thirteen walruses have been photo-identified at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom over the past two calendar years (as of this writing in March of 2023), including four bulls and four cows. 

This park currently houses the largest herd of walruses in the world.

Chimelong stated in April of 2015 that their walruses were between "1 and 3 years old".

The CITES Trade Database shows a single import of 19 or 22 walruses into China in 2014 -- it is likely that this was the initial herd purchased by Chimelong.