Moscow Zoo

Московский зоопарк

Current Inventory

unknown (transfer 2021-Sep)

unknown (transfer 2021-Sep)

unknown (transfer 2021-Sep)

unknown (transfer 2021-Sep)

unknown (transfer 2021-Sep)

Past Inventory

Odinnadtsatyy (transfer 2013-Mar-22)

Polosa (transfer 2013-Mar-22)

Olivia (transfer 2013-Mar-22)

Dyna (transfer 2013-Mar-22)

♂ Trinadtsatyy (death ≥ 2012)

♀ Frosya (death ≥ 2012)

Zhanna (unknown ≥ 2012)

♀ Dvusha (death 2002)

♂ Chetyrnadsatyy (death 2002)

♀ Afrodita (unknown ≥ 2001)

♂ Duncan MacLeod (unknown ≥ 2001)

♂ Krikun (death 2001)

Sonja (transfer 2001)

Yezhik (death 2001-Apr-28)

♀ Vosmoy (death 2000)

Bulka (transfer 1991-Mar-25)

Basilla (transfer 1991-Mar-25)

unknown (transfer 1990)

unknown (transfer 1990)

Baron (unknown ≥ 1979)

Antje II (transfer 1976-Nov)

Boris I (transfer 1974-Sep-28)

Tanja (transfer 1974-Sep-28)

Natasja (transfer 1974)

Priscilla II (transfer ≤ 1968-Dec-20)

Nyurka (unknown ≥ 1939)


The Moscow Zoo no longer maintains a walrus exhibit, although they have not only expressed plans to exhibit the species in the future, but also to cooperate with Tierpark Hagenbeck in artificial insemination efforts for the species.

This facility acquired a herd of nine walrus pup in 1996, and an additional herd of four in 1997 (however, it should be noted that at least four of the walruses from this herd had numbers as names, one individual being "Fourteen" / Chetyrnadsatyy -- I have no information regarding which of the collections this individual was from, or if he is from another collection during or prior to 2001).

It seems that of these 14, at least two had died or were transferred early in the adaption period, and by late 2000 ten walruses were remaining at the facility. One walrus passed away in early 2001, but beyond this point, excluding Dyna, Polosa, and Odinnadtsatyy, I am unaware of the histories of the remaining six walruses.


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