female walrus (O. rosmarus)

wild caught ≤ 2005

living at Kinosaki Marine World

Ancestors and Descendants

No known related animals at this time.

Transfer History

  1. capture 2005 in wild

  2. transfer 2005-Dec-29 to Kinosaki Marine World

Physical Data

The dates listed here generally represent the time at which the measurements were published, not necessarily the date on which they were taken.


  • 2019-Jun-09: 1,300 lb · 590 kg

Tusk Length

  • 2018-Oct-02: 17.6 inches (44.8 cm)

Image Gallery

No images available at this time.

Notes and Information


  • 2019-Jun-09. Mainichi Broadcasting System. セイウチの牙を“歯みがき” 城崎マリンワールド。 Retrieved from