Alaska SeaLife Center

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Aku (transfer 2017-Oct)

Mitik (transfer 2012-Oct-11)

Pakak (transfer 2012-Oct-10)

unknown (death 2012-Jul-31)

Chukchi (transfer 2007-Oct-25)

Bocce (transfer 2005-Jul-06)

Tessa (transfer 2004-Jul-17)

Nereus (transfer 2003-Aug-18)


This facility has served as a rehabilitation center for walrus pups since 2003, but to my knowledge they have never had a permanent walrus exhibit for the purpose of public display, nor am I aware of any plans to construct such an exhibit in the future.

A 2017 article stated that SeaLife has rescued nine walrus pups, though I am only presently aware of eight animals maintained under their care.