Alaska SeaLife Center

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

unknown (death 2023-Aug-11)

Aku (transfer 2017-Oct)

Mitik (transfer 2012-Oct-11)

Pakak (transfer 2012-Oct-10)

unknown (death 2012-Jul-31)

Chukchi (transfer 2007-Oct-25)

Bocce (transfer 2005-Jul-06)

Tessa (transfer 2004-Jul-17)

Nereus (transfer 2003-Aug-18)


This facility has served as a rehabilitation center for walrus pups since 2003, but to my knowledge they have never had a permanent walrus exhibit for the purpose of public display, nor am I aware of any plans to construct such an exhibit in the future.

Numbers published in 2017 and 2023 imply that the Center has rescued one additional walrus which is not currently listed here. Its information will be added as soon as references can be found.