Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World


Current Inventory

Natasha (transfer 2011)

Oudi (transfer 2011)

Nina (transfer 2014)

+ See notes.

Past Inventory

Kelasa (unknown ≥ 2015)

Yewa (unknown ≥ 2015)

Sasa (unknown ≥ 2015)


This facility housed four walruses in 2021 -- two cows, presumably Natasha and Nina; a young bull, presumably Oudi; and a fourth unknown individual.

Sun Asia, which already featured a walrus performance at the time, received four pups on July 14th, 2011. In 2012 this facility was said to house four walruses -- cows Kelasa, Yewa, Natasha, and bull Oudi, with the younger Natasha and Oudi presumably being from the 2011 import. The same four individuals were mentioned for the park in 2015, although in 2014 Sun Asia had received an additional two pups, then having a total herd of six.