Dolphinarium AquaWorld

Дельфинарий АкваМир

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

♂ Dodon (unknown ≥ 2016)

♂ Gvidon (unknown ≥ 2016)

Notes and Information

Also known as Delfinariy Nebug (Дельфинарий Небуг), this facility opened to the public in 2003.

At this time I have no exact information regarding when this facility acquired walruses, nor how long they were exhibited at the facility. A park guest attending the Dolphinarium on July 12th, 2006 reported seeing an unnamed 3-year-old walrus; this is the earliest confirmation I have thus far seen of a walrus being housed at this facility. Both walruses, Dodon and Gvidon, were present at the park by July 2010 at the absolute latest.

At least one of the walruses may have been remaining at AquaWorld as late as 2016 -- One review given by a park guest who visited the Dolphinarium in July of 2016 mentioned a walrus, although without photographic proof. By November 2016 both bulls were removed from the list of performing animals provided on the facility's website.


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