Oceanogràfic Valencia

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Ninotchka (transfer 2019-Dec-18)

Tania (transfer 2019-Dec-18)

Petrushka (transfer 2019-Dec-18)

Katerina (death 2013-Feb-18)

Yuri (death ≤ 2013)


Oceanografic ended their walrus program in 2019 with the transfer of their three remaining females to Tierpark Hagenbeck. The transfer came after three years of planning and cooperation with the facility as well as Pairi Daiza of Belgium, the walruses ultimate destination; Oceanografic continues to retain ownership of the trio, who will remain at Pairi Daiza for at least the next ten years.

This facility's former walrus exhibit was renovated to house harbor seals and cod in 2020; to the best of my knowledge the facility has presently stated no intentions to house walrus again in the future.