Safari World


Current Inventory

Boria (transfer ≤ 2005)

Tata (transfer ≤ 2005)

Yaris (transfer ≤ 2005)

Nóng Niw (birth 2020-Jun-18)

Past Inventory

♀ unknown (unknown 2019)

Notes and Information

This facility imported a herd of four walruses -- one bull and three cows -- in 2004 or 2005. The facility paid 2.5 million baht (roughly $80,000 USD) for each of the walruses.

Although unconfirmed, there is a chance that one of the walruses may have been named Goi / ก้อย, based on video footage recorded by a park guest.

An additional tusked cow was present at the facility in 2019; I have not been able been able to sight this individual in 2020, and as such her current status is unknown.


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