Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Uquq (death 2021-Aug)

Pakak (death 2021-Mar-04)

Siku (death 2017-Aug-30)

Sivuqaq (death 2015-Jun-28)

stillborn (death 2011-May-16)

Qiluk (death 2007-Aug-13)


This facility opened in Vallejo, California in 1986 as Marine World / Africa USA; in 1998 it became the New Marine World Theme Park, and on 1998-Oct-31 it was renamed Six Flags Marine World, finally becoming Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on 2007-Jan-17.

Prior to this facility moving to Vallejo, it existed in Redwood City as Marine World, which opened in 1968. In 1972 it became Marine World / Africa USA after merging with a separate failing facility.