female walrus (O. rosmarus)

wild caught ≤ 2010

living at Ningbo Ocean World

Ancestors and Descendants

No known related animals at this time.

Transfer History

  1. capture ≤ 2010 in Russia

  2. transfer 2011-Jul-14 to Ningbo Ocean World

Physical Data

The dates listed here generally represent the time at which the measurements were published, not necessarily the date on which they were taken.


  • 2011-Jul-15: >2m · >6.5 ft


  • 2011-Jul-15: 300 kg · 661 lbs

Image Gallery

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Notes & Disclaimer

The images found here have all been gathered either from this facility's official resources or news articles.

Dudu spent "more than a year" in Russia following her capture, although I am not aware of what facility she was housed at. She was said in media reports to have been two years old upon arrival to Ningbo.

One source stated that she arrived to the park at 5am on July 13th, while another states 6am on July 14th.