walrus (O. rosmarus)

born in August, 2018

deceased ≥ August, 2018

Ancestors and Descendants


Pou (capture 2005)

Kuu (capture 2005)

Transfer History

  1. birth 2018-Aug at Toba Aquarium

  2. death ≥ 2018-Aug at Toba Aquarium

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Notes and Information

No information has thus far been published about this individual apart from confirmation of its existence.

In 2016 a pup was born between Toba Aquarium's pair Pou and Kuu; this pup was explicitly said by the aquarium to be their first birth. In 2019, information was published stating that Toba had produced not one, but two unsuccessful calves. While this is all the information given, a rough timeline could be estimated via news reports and social media content;

  • By April of 2018 Kuu was transitioned on her own from the aquarium's new walrus exhibit to its former exhibit; herdmates Pou and Tsurara were housed together in the new exhibit.

  • In June of 2018 it was announced via the Mainichi Shimbun that the aquarium's walrus performance had been temporarily cancelled, due in part to "the possibility of pregnancy" from Kuu.

  • By July of 2018 the haulout portion of the former exhibit Kuu was housed in was blocked from public view. The underwater viewing remained open.

  • On August 17th, 2018, the underwater viewing segment was still open to public viewing; by the 23rd, it had been fully covered with tarp. Finally, on the 27th, both the haulout viewing and underwater viewing were reopened to the public. It is extremely likely that Kuu delivered her pup within this time range.

  • In September of 2018 Kuu remained in the former exhibit, now with a visibly shrunken abdomen.

  • By October, Tsurara was transitioned to the former exhibit while Kuu returned to the main exhibit with Pou, and additionally resumed participation in shows.

I have no information at this time whether this pup was born alive or stillborn; it should be noted however that walruses give birth seasonally in May and June, and while there have been successful births both before and after those months, there are currently no confirmed instances of any captive walrus calf being born alive as late as August.


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