female walrus (O. rosmarus)

wild caught ≤ 2011

unknown status as of 2020

Ancestors and Descendants

None known at this time.

Transfer History

  1. capture ≥ 2009 in wild

  2. transfer ≤ 2011 to Nemo Anapa Dolphinarium

  3. unknown ≥ 2020 at Nemo Anapa Dolphinarium

Image Gallery

No images available at this time.

Notes and Information

The images found here have all been gathered either from this facility's official resources or news articles.

Nyusha was said to be ten years old in December of 2019.

Thus far the earliest record I have of this animal at Anapa is from a 2011 video, otherwise I have no confirmed information regarding when she arrived in Anapa.

Nyusha was last sighted at the Dolphinarium via content uploaded by a park guest on March 17th, 2020. Her status is currently unknown.


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