female walrus (O. rosmarus)

born on May 4th, 2021

living at Otaru Aquarium

Ancestors and Descendants


Uchio (capture ≥ 1990)

Ūrya (capture ≥ 1992)

Transfer History

  1. birth 2021-May-04 at Otaru Aquarium

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Notes and Information

The name choices for this walrus were;

  • Tsukushi: For the horsetails (tsukushi) in bloom at the time of her birth, with a hope that she will grow quickly -- also containing the characters "Tsu" and "Shi" in honor of her older sisters, Tsurara and Shizuku.

  • Arare: The Japanese word for hail, following the theme of her sisters Tsurara (icicle) and Shizuku (droplet).

  • Nagisa: Signifying the water's edge, with a hope that the thoughts and love of many people will gather like waves on the shore.

  • Minamo: Meaning the surface of the water, where icicles (tsurara) melt and droplets (shizuku) fall, in honor of her older sisters.

  • Tsumugi: The Japanese word for spinning (the process by which yarn is wound onto a bobbin), carrying the hope that the calf will play a role in connecting people.

Voting took place in the park via ballot box from June 21st to July 11th, and her name was announced July 19th.


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