Adler Dolphinarium

Адлерский Дельфинарий

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Tika (transfer 2016-Jun-01)

Yeva (transfer ≤ 2015)

Klava (transfer ≤ 2015)

Lora (transfer ≤ 2015)

Samson (transfer 2010-Jul-01)

Lila (transfer 2010-Jul-01)


This facility once held a young female named Lora, alongside at least one other walrus, who I believe to have been the same individual currently housed at Mosquarium. Therefore I make the assumption that Moscow's herd of walruses all came from this facility, though this information is as of yet unconfirmed.

It seems that this facility may now be under new ownership as of at least 2015. It was previously known as Aquatoria (Акватория), Delfinariy Sochi (Дельфинарий Сочи), and Sochi Dolphinarium (Сочинский Дельфинарий).