ليلي · Лила

female Pacific walrus (O. r. divergens)

wild caught in 2009

living at Dolphin World Egypt

Ancestors and Descendants

No known related animals.

Transfer History

  1. capture 2009 in Chukotka

  2. transfer 2009-Nov-26 to Moscow Dolphinarium

  3. transfer 2010-Feb-02 to Sochi Dolphinarium

  4. transfer 2010-Jul-01 to Aquatoria Yalta

  5. transfer 2011 to Dolphin World Egypt

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Notes & Disclaimer

The images found here have all been gathered either from this facility's official resources or news articles.

This walrus was flown from Anadyr to the Domodedova Moscow Airport via Transaero Airlines alongside 21 other pups following their capture. At the Moscow Dolphinarium they were housed in three separated areas with 7- 8 pups in each.

This walrus was originally named Dosya (Дося) upon arrival to Aquatoria Yalta. Her current name has been alternatively written as Lyla, Leela, and Lili in English on Dolphin World Egypt's website and social media.