Aquatoria Yalta

Акватория Ялта

Current Inventory

Saltan (transfer ≥ 2013)

Past Inventory

Rouzi (transfer 2021-Sep) 

Nova (transfer 2021-Sep) 

Raya (transfer 2021-Sep) 

Ronda (transfer 2021-Sep) 

Chopa (transfer 2021-Sep) 

? unknown (death 2020

Samson (unknown ≥ 2013)

Lila (transfer 2011)


This facility held its last known performances in November of 2022, and subsequently transferred their final animals to other facilities. Two known transfers include a beluga to Moskvarium in December of 2022 and a South American sea lion to Delfiniya in January of 2023.

At the time of this writing the current status of their bull walrus Saltan is currently unknown.