Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park


Current Inventory

♂ Summer (transfer unknown)

♀ Nina (transfer unknown)

♂ unknown (transfer unknown)

Past Inventory

Dabao (unknown 2020)

Gaiya (transfer 2019-Nov-19)

Huanhuan (transfer 2019-Nov-19)

Robert (transfer ≤ 2019-Feb)

Feier (transfer ≤ 2019-Feb)

? Aida (unknown 2013)

Doudou (transfer 2012-Feb-13)

? Lisa (unknown 2012)

Doubao (transfer 2011-Sep-19)

Tutou (transfer 2011-Sep-19)

? Matsa (unknown 2011)

? Lena (unknown 2011)

Maili (transfer 2010-Sep-25)

♀ Alice (transfer 2010)

Diandian (death 2005)

﹖ Datou (unknown 2001)


This facility opened to the public in 2002 and was said to be the very first to import walruses into mainland China.