Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park


Current Inventory

♂ Summer (transfer unknown)

+ See notes.

Past Inventory

Dabao (unknown 2020)

Gaiya (transfer 2019-Nov-19)

Huanhuan (transfer 2019-Nov-19)

Robert (transfer ≤ 2019-Feb)

Feier (transfer ≤ 2019-Feb)

? Aida (unknown 2013)

Doudou (transfer 2012-Feb-13)

? Lisa (unknown 2012)

Doubao (transfer 2011-Sep-19)

Tutou (transfer 2011-Sep-19)

? Matsa (unknown 2011)

? Lena (unknown 2011)

Maili (transfer 2010-Sep-25)

♀ Alice (transfer 2010)

♀ Diandian (death 2005)

﹖ Datou (unknown 2001)


This facility opened to the public in 2002 and was said to be the very first to import walruses into mainland China.

Dalian currently houses, at minimum, three walruses -- a performing bull, and a male and female pair on exhibit.