Grandview Aquarium


Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Wendy (transfer 2023-Mar)

Amy (transfer 2023-Mar)

unknown (transfer 2023-Mar)

Lucky (unknown ≥ 2018)

﹖ unknown (unknown ≥ 2017)

﹖ unknown (unknown ≥ 2017)

See notes.


Grandview's walruses were said to be two years old in January of 2016.

Construction on the Grandview Aquarium began in 2015, with the facility opening to the public on January 16th, 2016. 

Early unofficial reports around the time of the aquarium's opening stated five animals, though I have only ever visually confirmed a maximum of four.

This facility's two known female walruses, and potentially an unknown bull, were transferred to Wuhu Macrolink Great Beluga Ocean Park at some point between January and March of 2023. It is assumed at this time that Grandview no longer houses the species.