Kish Dolphin Park

پارک دلفین کیش

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Donya (death ≤ 2023-Nov)

Rota (unknown ≥ 2017)

Pitachook (death 2004-Feb)

Uokh (death 2002)


This facility first imported two bull walruses, Pitachook and Uokh, at some point around or following early 2000. By February of 2004 both of these individuals had passed away shortly following tusk removal procedures after suffering from severe pulpitis.

CITES Trade Database only lists a single import of walruses into Iran; four individuals approved for export from Russia in 2003. There is some reason to believe that these walruses may have arrived some time later, rather than the same year of the permit approval; an article published in 2004 implied that the park no longer housed walruses upon the death of their first two, and the earliest evidence I have thus far seen of walruses at Kish after this was in 2007. 

It is assumed that walruses Rota and Donya are from the 2003 import -- the other two individuals, if they ever arrived, remain unknown. 

With Donya's passing in 2023, this facility no longer houses walruses.