MarineLand of Canada

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Smooshi (transfer 2023-Feb-28)

Koyuk (transfer 2023-Feb-28)

Apollo (death 2019-Apr)

Zeus (death 2018-Dec-26)

Buttercup (death 2018)

Sonja (death 2017-May-25)

Pandora (death 2008)

? Azul (death ≥ 2004)

? Buddy (death ≥ 2002)


Marineland's walrus Sonja was imported from the Moscow Zoo, however, I do not know if this applies to their other animals as well. As Apollo and Zeus arrived at the park only two months after her, I make the assumption that they too were housed at Moscow, but with the other animals I am uncertain and thus chose not to list the transfer for them. It does however seem a likely possibility.