male Pacific walrus (O. r. divergens)

wild caught in 2001

deceased in April of 2019

Ancestors and Descendants


♂ Koyuk (birth 2020-Jun-01)

Transfer History

  1. capture 2001 in Russia

  2. transfer 2001 to MarineLand of Canada

  3. death 2019-Apr at MarineLand of Canada

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Notes and Information

Marineland's walrus Sonja was imported from the Moscow Zoo in 2001, with Apollo and Zeus arriving at Marineland two months later. This heavily implies to me that this animal may have also been housed at Moscow prior to import into Canada, though I cannot be certain, and therefore I've chosen to exclude that potential transfer from this animal's records while still retaining the possibility here in his notes.

Despite "immediate intervention", Apollo died in "late April" of a heart attack.