male walrus (O. rosmarus)

wild caught ≤ 2005

unknown status after 2005

Ancestors and Descendants

No known related animals at this time.

Transfer History

  1. capture ≤ 2005 in wild

  2. transfer 2005-Dec-05 to Izu-Mito Sea Paradise

  3. unknown ≥ 2005 at Izu-Mito Sea Paradise

Image Gallery

No images available at this time.

Notes & Disclaimer

The images found here have all been gathered either from this facility's official resources or news articles.

I've been unable to find any information on this animal whatsoever, with the exception of his name and import date. I only know that he is no longer present at Izu-Mito, and hasn't been since before 2011 at the very latest.