Izu-Mito Sea Paradise


Current Inventory

Snow (transfer 2004)

Past Inventory

Shiruku (unknown ≥ 2011)

Genki (unknown ≥ 2005)

unknown (death ≥ 2003)

unknown (death ≥ 2003)

Mohku (death 2003-Jun)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1998-Apr)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1997)

unknown (death 1994-Mar-03)

unknown (transfer 1993-Apr-22)

unknown (transfer 1993-Apr-22)

unknown (death 1993-Apr-15)

unknown (death 1992)

unknown (death 1977-Jun-05)


Izu-Mito Sea Paradise was the first facility to display walruses in Japan, receiving three two-year-old males from the Copenhagen Zoo on April 29th, 1977.