Brookfield Zoo

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Basilla (transfer 2006-May)

Joan (transfer 2006-May-02)

unknown (death 2002-Apr-16)

Corky (death 2002-Feb-20)

stillborn (death 1999-May-13)

Bruiser (transfer 1998-Jul-15)

Sam (death 1998-Jun-17)

Bulka (death 1995-Mar-25)

Nuka (transfer 1993-Apr-19)

Olga (death 1988-Aug-14)

unknown (death 1963-Jul-28)

Mary (death 1941-May-21)

Waldo (death 1940-Jun-27)

unknown (death 1940-Jun-25)

Pussey (death 1938-Aug-17)

Ootah (death 1938-Aug-15)


The Brookfield Zoo no longer maintains a walrus exhibit, and to my knowledge there are no current plans to house them in the future.