New York Aquarium

Current Inventory


Past Inventory

Kulusiq (transfer 2016-Dec-13)

Nuka (death 2015-Aug-11)

Mitik (transfer 2014-Jan-14)

Akituusaq (death 2009-Sep-01)

Ayveq (death 2008-Jun-22)

Uupa (death 2006-Dec-01)

Tiipaq (death 1997-Sep-30)

Denali (unknown ≥ 1982)

Sapiunuk (death 1967)

Olaf (death 1966-Dec-14)

Mayuk (death 1964)

Tipuk (death 1963-Aug)

Seeku (death 1962-Aug-23)

Ookie (death 1962)

Aivok (death 1961-Oct-12)

Siegfried (transfer 1961-Aug-25)

unknown (transfer 1961-Aug-25)

Karen (death 1957)


This facility currently no longer houses walruses as they undergo construction and expansion; however, it has been implied that Kulusiq (currently on breeding loan to the Point Defiance Zoo) will return to the aquarium at some point. It is not known to me if or when any further animals will be transferred to New York.