Marineland of the Pacific

Past Inventory

unknown (transfer 1987)

Blue (transfer 1987)

Gwen (transfer 1987)

Patouk (transfer 1987)

Woofy II (transfer 1987)

Priscilla II (transfer ≤ 1987-Jun-15)

unknown (death 1985-Jun-18)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1985)

Petula (death 1985-Mar-07)

Farouk (unknown ≥ 1983)

unknown (unknown ≥ 1983)

Andrea (transfer ≥ 1982)

unknown (death 1982-Jun-25)

unknown (death 1981-Jun-07)

unknown (death ≥ 1975)

miscarried (death 1971-Dec-13)

Priscilla I (death 1968)

Woofy I (unknown ≥ 1966)


Marineland's walrus herd began in 1961 with a group of four animals (Farouk, Petula, Priscilla, and Woofy). Although most accounts claim that these four individuals survived to maturity and remained at the park, it is known that Priscilla died in 1968. Additionally, one scientific article states that Marineland housed two breeding pairs -- Farouk and Petula collected in 1961, and Woofy and Priscilla collected in 1967 -- implying that Woofy from the original group either no longer existed in the park, or simply never produced offspring there. I do not know whether Woofy died at Marineland or was transferred away, nor do I know at what point either of those events may have taken place. To the best of my knowledge all four original animals were alive into early 1968 (a news article on Priscilla's death published in May of that year claims that she was the first to pass away), and I do know that the original Woofy was present at the park at least until 1966 -- a year before his namesake was captured, and two years before he arrived at Marineland.